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16-Week Digital Film Marketing Plan

Week – 1

  • Define your films target audience
  • Identify your film audience in terms of age and life style
  • Identify reasons why the audience should watch your film

Week – 2

  • Create a promotional website for your film

Week – 3

  • Identify your prospective audience – where they can be found online and offline
  • Identify list of magazines, news papers, TV channels which your possible audience read and view

Week – 4

  • Initiate efforts to utilize tracking methods to your website
  • Change your website so that you get more viewers

Week – 5

  • Based on your viewer’s feedback redefine your film’s message
  • Install a hook and redefine the story line to make it unique
  • Position your movie so that it touches the heart of your target audience

Week – 6

  • Generate traffic to your website through search engine optimization

Week – 7

  • Do research and find out most efficient keyword relevant to your audience

Week – 8

  • Redesign your content strategy based on key word research

Week – 9

  • Find out how content can be embellished through audio, video and text

Week – 10

  • Design and create a content strategy based on your film story and relevant key words
  • Work out timeline regarding how and in what sequence you will deliver the contents

Week -11

  • Word of mouth buzz for your film
  • Create a database of 30 publications and media platforms which is read or viewed by your audience
  • Release low cost ads to ensure targeted traffic to your film website

Week – 12

  • Utilize social network
  • Reach the blogging community

Week – 13

  • Work out detailed launch strategy in several slots with timeline

Week – 14

  • Send copies of your movies to popular website and trigger favourable review

Week – 15

  • Create and execute an email marketing campaign

Week – 16

    • Create long term engagement with your probable audience and utilize your database to create excitement about your film

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